This Photo Proves Former DNC Chair Whistleblower Donna Brazile Is a Complete Fraud [Photo]

Former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile is milking her fifteen minutes of fame to the very last drop to ensure she sells as many books as possible.  She’s the person who accused the DNC of rigging the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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Brazile just lost every bit of credibility she might have had left by posing in a picture with the disgraceful former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who now works for a pro-Trump PAC.

It’s starting to seem as if Brazile may have been compensated for exposing the Clinton scandal at the most opportune moment for the Trump administration (disclaimer: this is just a theory).

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Check out the photo of Clarke and Brazile together below:

“In NYC, ran into @donnabrazile and talked about her book. Even though our political views are polar opposite, we had a great conversation. Complimented her on her courage to out the DNC and #CrookedHillary. Say what you want, more Dems should tell the truth.”

Clarke is known for attacking African-Americans including former President Obama and members of Black Lives Matter.  He once compared Black Lives Matter to ISIS.

How did they just happen to bump into each other?

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