Attorney General Jeff Sessions Just Made A GAME-CHANGING Announcement About MS-13 Gangs That SHOOK The Nation To Its Core [DETAILS]

Jeff Sessions is a sneaky little troll, isn’t he? He’s always lurking around his boss, Donny Trump, ready and willing to carry out his evil doing – just like the obedient, creepy sycophant he is…And golly is this little f**ker creepy! Recently, this senile monster made an official statement about the MS-13 street gangs that raised a good amount of eyebrows.

While there are a litany of actual reasons to explain the existence of gangs, like MS-13, Jeff Sessions, and his racist mind, seem to think that immigration and sanctuary cities are to blame for the creation of these ne’er-do-wells. But he couldn’t be more off-base. Despite looking like an old fool, Sessions doubled-down on his opinion, stating the following:

“Some cities, counties, and states across America intentionally limit their cooperation with federal immigration enforcement. Some even release convicted criminals who are wanted by ICE. That makes all of us less safe—especially law enforcement,” Sessions said.

He added, “Let me repeat my call to all law enforcement. Let’s dismantle MS-13. We have hurt them badly before, and we can and will hit them harder now.” Wow. You’re against crime, huh? What a “bold” stance to take…You f**king moron!

For one reason or another, the Trump administration has continually used the mentioning of MS-13 to damage their campaign opponents character. And, even though it’s proven nothing but worthless, that hasn’t diminished Donald’s desire to use that tactic – any chance he gets. Donald Trump is a moron. His cabinet members are morons. This entire White House is chock full of greedy, deceitful morons. And it’s up to the powerful men and women in Congress to help us regain control of our once great nation. Before it’s too late…

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