Madeleine Albright Just Hit Donald Trump With A KNOCKOUT PUNCH For The Ages [DETAILS]

The support for Donald Trump has been on a steady decline since last November, and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. GOP members of Congress are retiring out of frustration, Mueller and his investigative team are handing out federal indictments to top White House officials, his approval ratings are at a historic low…Donald Trump is fading away before our very eyes.

But, protected by his own bubble of delusion and ego, Donald Trump is impervious to the reality of things. He has no idea, nor will he ever believe, that he’s the most hated person in the world. His lack of diplomacy and abundance of corruption are center stage whenever he makes a public statement.

Such was the case during the president’s recent trip to Asia. While delivering a speech to important lawmakers in South Korea, Donald saw an opportunity to promote one of his golf courses – and took it. The fact he mentioned a business of his was met with immediate criticism. One of the loudest voices against Donald Trump’s speech was former Secretary Of State, Madeleine Albright.

When asked how she felt about dumb ol’ Donny Boy’s speech, Albright said it was “a waste.” Adding, “Maybe he should have stuck with the business he was in before.” While hilarious, even that may be poor advice – given his multiple bankruptcies. But who cares – Donald can go f**k himself.

Why should we have any empathy for a man who consistently lies to the American people? This greedy bastard needs to be brought to justice. Luckily, Robert Mueller is on the verge of making his move. And the American people couldn’t be more excited about it. Hope you’re ready for court, Donny…


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