Racist Trump Administration Strikes Again, As Chief Of Staff DEMANDS Homeland Security CANCEL 60,000 Visas

This is the last straw. It was one thing to brazenly flaunt your racism with your outrageous intolerant travel ban, Donald – but for you to send your goon, White House chief of staff, John Kelly, to do your racist dirty work at the Department of Homeland Security, is next level evil – even for you, Donny Boy.

On Thursday, it was revealed via The Washington Post, that John Kelly had repeatedly pressured ranking members of the Department of Homeland Security, to immediately cancel the Visas of 60,000 Hondurans. Elaine Duke, the Acting Homeland Security Secretary, was constantly under fire from Kelly to carry out his demand.

A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security made the following statement, explaining why Duke decided to allow these Hondurans to stay and get jobs in the United States, after a recent deadline had come and gone, “As with many issues, there were a variety of views inside the administration on a policy. The Acting Secretary took those views and advice [on] the path forward for TPS and made her decision based on the law.”

Which we’re happy to hear. It’s always refreshing to read stories about politicians like this standing up to the evil ruling powers that be, and fighting for what’s right for the people. It’s something Donald Trump will never do. If anything, Donald J. Trump is the aforementioned evil that we need to rise up against.

This monster of a POTUS is going to be impeached. There’s no doubt about it. The only question that remains is: when? There’s been murmurs of an impeachment formally taking place before Christmas, but we all know that Congress tends to drag their feet when it comes to matters of this nature. But, hopefully, this time, they’ll realize just how quickly we need to remove this man from office…

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