Former Watergate Prosecutor Says Flynn’s Deal With Turkey Is PROOF Of “Conspiracy” – White House Is LIVID

If you’re an expert, Donald Trump and his administration won’t believe you. They choose to remain willfully ignorant of the real world around them. I mean, if they started to accept what these experts state as fact, the entire universe of delusion that they’ve built around themselves would come crumbling down. And that’s just something these f**king morons are NOT willing to risk. Even when they have legal experts who were involved in one of the biggest political scandals of the modern era telling them their former National Security Adviser was conspiring against the United States, they don’t even want to comment on it.

And, we totally understand why. The reason they don’t want to pitch their two cents into this conversation is because they’ve known about it all along. They were well aware that Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn Jr. met with a Turkish official. In this meeting they discussed sending back a popular Muslim cleric back to Turkey, in exchange for $15 million dollars.

Typical Trump corruption, right? Well, it may be even worse than we thought. A legal expert who was involved in the infamous Watergate case, Nick Akerman, had some very poignant opinions on the matter. Ackerman said, “It’d be a conspiracy to defraud the government. I mean, normally under these circumstances, the Turkish government would have to go through an extradition process. You have to go before a federal judge and submit papers actually showing what the crime is.”

This entire administration has done nothing but defraud the government. Donald Trump could give two sh*ts about ethics and three f**ks about morals. The man lacks all empathy. The only thing Donald Trump and his equally-evil cabinet want to do is bleed the American people dry of all their hard earned income.

We must impeach this man – and we must impeach him NOW!

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