Hillary Clinton Just Hit Congress With A KNOCKOUT OUT Punch About Children’s Health Care

It’s been common knowledge for some time now that the GOP-dominated Congress only cares about themselves. Well, they care about themselves and their bank accounts – but, other than that, nothing really matters to these greedy bastards on Capitol Hill. While they should be concerned with providing the children of this country with more-than-adequate health care, they are only concerned with passing legislation that helps inflate their already enormous pocketbooks.

Hillary Clinton knows this, too. And she’s not just going to sit idly by and watch these money-hungry politicians hurt the health care of America’s youth. In an official statement she made at a health care event in Pennsylvania, the former First Lady remarked, “This is the first time where we’re really playing roulette with these kids and their families.”

She continued, “Because states are going to start shutting down these programs because they don’t have a funding stream.” And that’s something we cannot allow to happen. This administration is already digging the future generations of this country a huge hole, and we can’t make the climb to progress any more difficult.

Health care has been one of the main flubs of this Donald Trump presidency. His jealousy for Barack Obama’s historic legislation has caused him to act wildly erratic with the well-being of the American people. But it’s not just health care that Donald Trump and his cronies are mishandling. The opioid crisis is another issue that this White House is fairly clueless about.

In regards to the opioid epidemic, Clinton said, “It’s disappointing to me that the new administration has only given rhetorical support. There’s no plan, there’s no new money, there’s no leadership. So communities and health systems are pretty much left on their own.” Oh, if only Hillary had been elected, things wouldn’t be so grim…

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