Marine Buries Trump Supporter Who Called Obama a ‘P*SSY’ Six Feet Deep in Brutal Rebuke

Anyone who is blind enough to support Trump is sure to make some of the most idiotic comments to ever spew out of a human being’s mouth.  Trump’s entire presidency is built on divisiveness and hate, which is the fuel that conservatives use to wake up every morning.  Anyone who wants to hate everything is a cancer to society.

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Trump supporters thrive off attacking Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Every day, the right manufactures at minimum one new conspiracy theory about Hillary or Barack.

Trump himself created the birther conspiracy, which claimed that Obama wasn’t an American citizen.  However, Trump’s theory was quickly debunked by a birth certificate and the fact that Obama was born in Hawaii.

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A Trump supporter decided to follow in his fearless leader’s footsteps and attack Obama on Facebook, calling him a “p*ssy” and Muslim.

Then, a Marine responded with an epic post that has since gone viral.  Read the exchange below:

The draft-dodging President once claimed that he is “good at war.”  He said, “I’ve had a lot of wars of my own. I’m really good at war. I love war in a certain way.”

How could a guy who’s never stepped foot on a battlefield have any idea about war?  The Trump supporter clearly called the wrong guy a “p*ssy.”

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