Trump Voters Just Admitted the #1 Reason Why They Love Trump, And It Lived Up to Expectations

Trump supporters have absolutely no qualms about letting the world know how racist they are knowing that their leader won’t condemn their actions.  Trump recently broke the record for the lowest approval rating of any president in U.S. history at this point in his presidency (36%), yet his loyal followers aren’t ready to jump ship.

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An Occidental Public Polling survey found that 89% of Trump voters said they would vote for him again, despite his long list of failures and other assorted atrocities.

Trump does a great job of convincing his followers to believe anything he says, much like the evangelists who support him.  Millions of Americans believe the president when he calls anti-Trump news “fake news.”

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One Trump voter named “Bob” from Arizona came out and said he loves Trump because “at least we have a real American, white guy back in charge.”

The Root writer Jason Johnson explained:

This is why poll after poll shows supporters sticking with Trump no matter how many times he fails or completely betrays his policy promises. They never expected him to change anything, and they never will. All they need to know is that he drives liberals crazy (and to them, “liberals” are anyone who isn’t a Trump supporter), that he’s white and male, and doesn’t challenge Americans to grow up and change

Scary and true.

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