‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Are Freaking Out Over This Photo [Watch Here]

The hosts of Fox & Friends are freaking out over Trump’s awkward visit to the Philippines and blaming the media for making Trump look like a fool when in reality, it was all the president’s doing.  All the media had to do was show up and do its job.

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While attending the ASEAN summit, Trump joined other world leaders for a “family photo” and engaged in the traditional ASEAN handshake, which requires participants to cross their arms to shake the person’s hand on both sides of them.

Since Trump hasn’t gone to the gym a day in his life and mows down buckets of KFC fried chicken, he had a difficult time trying to cross his arms.

Check out Doug Mills’ photo below:

Instead of having a good laugh, Fox & Friends hosts attacked the photographers.   Host Ainsley Earhardt said, “It’s no secret that the New York Times has not been very friendly to the president or this administration.”

She asked, “but if you watch the video, do you see that face?”

An irritated Earhardt added, “They snapped the photo when he was making that interesting awkward face.”

Steve Doocy thinks the media was getting “revenge.”

“Well when you watch the video and see the photo it’s obvious what they’re doing,” Earhardt said.  “They’re trying to portray him as being awkward as we just said, and they want to portray him in that light.”

Then, this was the cherry on top: “Is it President Trump’s fault he’s six-three?” Brian Kilmeade asked before answering, “No.”

Check out more photos below:

Watch the hosts complain below:

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