Trump Just Made A Decision That Will End Lives, And He Doesn’t Even Care

Former President Barack Obama spent his time in office trying to make the world a better place, and one of the ways he was attempting to do was to start the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program. This helped to pay for the development in agricultural productivity across the globe. One-third of the expenses were meant to help get food for poor and starving people.

Obama worked hard for people to respect America for starting programs like this, and what does Trump do? He extinguishes it.

In a written testimony on November 8, Treasury undersecretary for international affairs, David Malpass said to the House Financial Services Committee, “[The] U.S. is not expecting to make any future contributions. [GAFSP] should be wound down, with donors exploring options to return future reflows to donors.”

The end of this funding will not only cause an increase in children starving, it will most certainly create a one-way ticket to famine, war and instability.

A member of the GAFSP steering committee and executive director of ActionAid USA, Marie Clarke, told Foreign Policy, “We already have four famines running concurrently. This is a fund that gets to the poorest of the poor,” alluding to the food shortages in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.

According to Malpass, the reason for Trump’s plan is because the Treasury Department is simply helping just too many people.

“The [Treasury] is currently participating in nearly 100 international working groups and organizations. Each has the goal of benefiting the world, but each requires staff time, energy and often travel,” he said. “I will work to review these various processes to determine which of them can be wound down, scaled back, or converted to financial plans based on restraint rather than expansion.”

Clarke calls bulls**t on Malpass’ statement, saying that only 7% is spent on overheard for the GAFSP, while the remainder is given to the farmers and their communities, which makes the program “one of the most efficient funds out there.”

In just two years, areas in Rwanda that received the funding to increase maize, beans, and potato crop by an estimate of 220%, which is obviously extremely successful.

The pissing contest between Trump and Obama, that only exists in Trump’s mind, will put an end to all of this, because many people’s lives depend on this program.

This is disgusting!

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