Americans Cheering After Fmr. President Clinton Blindsides Trump with a Knockout Punch Heard Around the World

The Trump era has thwarted progress in America and led the nation back to a time most Americans would like to forget.  The former reality TV star president is nothing more than a troll who views the presidency as an adult game.  He has no intention to strengthen the nation or help Americans.  In Trump’s world, everything is about Trump.

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Former President Clinton knows Trump is an infection to America, and he blasted Donald – without saying any names – in a blistering op-ed for The New York Times.  He urged Americans to ask themselves “who we really are.”

Clinton wrote:

“All too often, tribalism based on race, religion, sexual identity and place of birth has replaced inclusive nationalism, in which you can be proud of your tribe and still embrace the larger American community. And too often resentment conquers reason, anger blinds us to answers and sanctimony passes for authenticity.”

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The former president scorned social media platforms as “fever swamps of extremist foreign and domestic invaders.”

He explained, “When trust vanishes and knowledge is devalued as an establishment defense of the status quo, anything can happen.”

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Clinton added, “We already see citizens being disenfranchised by the millions, targeted by race, ethnicity, and age not because they are ineligible to vote, but because they favor inclusive, not tribal nationalism.”

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