JUST IN: Trump Boiling Mad After Mike Pence’s Wife Says Donald Is “Totally Vile” [DETAILS]

Donald J. Trump is continuing his streak of being an a**hole. His reputation for being the worst human being on the planet is untouchable. There will never be another piece of sh*t quite like Donald Trump. That’s just a fact. And, as rare as he is, the American people cannot wait to see this atrocious orange turd get booted from the White House. That inevitable day can’t happen soon enough!

While he’s busy worrying about the future of his own personal freedom, Trump was likely furious to hear what Vice President, Mike Pence’s wife had to say about him. Apparently, according to a former campaign staffer for Trump, Karen Pence was outraged after the Access Hollywood tape went public. And has been ever since.

The former campaign staffer said that Karen, “finds him reprehensible—just totally vile.” Adding, “Little did they know, he has no shame.” To be fair – nobody knew Donald Trump was going to be this outlandishly awful at his job. I mean, sure, we knew he’d be a train wreck…but this bad? Yikes…

I would suggest that Donald has been aware of this disdain for his character for some time now, but I don’t think that would be entirely accurate. I believe, truly, that he’s so deep within his own world of delusion, this type of news doesn’t even register to him anymore. It’s just white noise.

To suggest that Donald Trump is a psychotic egomaniac would only be scratching the mentally-unstable surface of his overall character. Let’s face it – he’s a madman. The inept leadership that he showcases on a daily basis is a nationwide embarrassment. Congress, please do the right thing and remove this moron from his position – before he does any more damage.

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