White House Is NOT Happy, After Stephen Colbert Offers Up This HILARIOUS Christmas Present For Trump

Donald Trump is all about bringing “Christmas Back” – but it never left. This delusional dipsh*t is under the impression that this nation has completely forgotten about December 25th. Which, in itself, is a ridiculous statement. Especially given the fact that Americans are amongst the most materialistic people around. In other words, when it’s Christmastime, we know it – and we buy, buy, buy. While there’s always a wave of presents being exchanged every year, there’s one gift, in particular, that Donald Trump isn’t exactly fond of…

This gift, to which I am referring to, was bestowed upon him by America’s beloved late night host, Stephen Colbert. This week, during his wildly popular talk show, Stephen wanted to give Trump something in the spirit of Christmas. What was it, you ask? Why, tiny, little handcuffs, of course!

Colbert joked, “Well, it feels like Christmas is here. Courtesy of Robert Mueller coming down the White House chimney with a sack full of subpoenas.” Nailed it.

The hilarious host continued, adding, “Mr. President, I got you a gift, too,” before revealing to the audience a pair of comically small handcuffs – ones made for a finger, most likely. Colbert then quipped, “I just hope they’re not too big on you.” Hilarious.

Quality burn, Stephen. Well done. And appropriate. Americans have been elated with the ramping up of Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump administration. And it seems as though Donald Trump’s days in the White House are numbered. It’s only a matter of time before the other shoe of justice falls – and the American people cannot wait for that to happen. It’s been long enough – time to get our country back, people!

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