Mike Pence Just Tried To Deny The Truth As “Fire And Fury” Continues To Expose Him To The Public!

Vice President Pence just launched a vicious attack against author Michael Wolff’s new book that focuses on the Trump presidency branded it as a “work of Washington fiction” and claims that he has no plans of reading the controversial exposé.

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“I haven’t read it, don’t intend to read it,” Pence said while speaking to The Wall Street Journal in an interview that published this past Monday. “What I’ve heard about the book bears no resemblance to the president that I serve with every day. None. It just strikes me that it’s another work of Washington fiction.”

Pence’s remarks come after both the White House and Trump lashed out against “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” in which Wolff claims that Trump’s campaign was not expecting to claim victory during the 2016 election and that Trump has caused concern among executive staffers with his lack of experience in governing.

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Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller also ripped into the book as a “grotesque work of fiction” while speaking with CNN this week, branding its portrayal of Trump and his team is “contrary to reality.”

Miller’s debate with the CNN host interviewing him got so heated that he was actually escorted off the set.

Miller, one of the president’s top staffers, claims that the book’s reported shocking comments from other top White House staff did not match up with his personal experience or that of his coworkers.

Wolff has faced heavy scrutiny by the media regarding the accuracy of details in the book and his previous works.

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