JUST IN: Donald Trump IRATE After Son Of Former President RIPS Him During LIVE Interview

Ronald Reagan Jr, son of former President Ronald Reagan, blasted President Donald Trump during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, where the two men discussed the rumors of the president’s declining and unstable mental health. Reagan Jr commented that he believes “there’s something wrong” with Trump and the issue should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Reagan Jr. told Lemon on Wednesday:

“I have been saying since he was nominated, perhaps even before, that this is a man who is unfit for office. This is not a psychological diagnosis. I’m not particularly interested in what pathologies he may or may not have. It’s a question of character, it’s a question of personality.”

The son of the former president described Trump’s behavior as “impulsive” and “erratic”, calling his actions against those beneath him and his relationship with Russia “treasonous”.

Reagan Jr. said he understands it makes Americans feel “uncomfortable” acknowledging Trump as mentally unfit because we’ve never viewed our leaders that way before, concluding, “This is not a normal man, normal president, in this White House now. And it’s a danger to the nation.”

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