Trump FURIOUS After Seeing How Protestors “Welcomed” Him – This Is INTENSE

President Trump was greeted with a no-holds-barred message projected onto the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta when he arrived for the college football national championships. It said, simply, “FUCK TRUMP.”

The message was part of a protest organized by a number of groups opposing the president’s visit. It was accompanied by a number of other messages directed at the president, including “No one is illegal” and “Medicare for all.”

Alabama player Bo Scarbrough could also be heard yelling “fuck Trump” as his team walked out onto the field.

Fans also booed the president’s motorcade as it pulled up to the stadium earlier in the night. Some alleged they had been forced to stand outside the arena in the rain until Trump arrived and was escorted into the building.

The NAACP had warned that it was expecting several groups to protest outside the College Football Playoff championship game between Georgia and Alabama on Monday night: “Trump has made a terrible decision and is disrupting [the game] with his presence.”

The NAACP encouraged protesters to bring white towels to simulate a blizzard, playing on the “snowflake” title Trump supporters have repeatedly bestowed upon their opposition. Protest group ResistNow said a number of fans were also waving towels with the “fuck Trump” message written across them throughout the game.

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