Son of Ronald Reagan, the President Who Had Alzheimer’s, Says ‘THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG’ with Trump—He’s ‘a DANGER TO THE NATION’! [VIDEO]

Ronald Reagan’s son, Ronald Reagan Jr., broke his silence to address recent reports that people in daily contact with Donald Trump are concerned about his mental health. Reagan told CNN’s Don Lemon that regardless of any clinical diagnosis one may give the president, it’s clear “there’s something wrong”:

I have been saying since he was nominated, perhaps even before, that this is a man who is unfit for office. This is not a psychological diagnosis. I’m not particularly interested in what pathologies he may or may not have. It’s a question of character, it’s a question of personality.

Reagan continued:

His behavior is erratic, it’s impulsive. He doesn’t seem to be really familiar with issues. He attacks people lower than him on the food chain, punching down. He has behaved in a way that I would describe as treasonous regarding the Russia investigation and he may be guilty of criminal activity.

I would say that his mental status is up for question, but I don’t say that as a psychiatrist. I’m not interested in that. I’m a human being. I can watch another human being and say, “There’s something wrong.” And there is something wrong.

Ron Jr. discussed Trump’s “troubling,” “erratic,” and “impulsive” behavior, saying he “doesn’t seem to be familiar with the job he’s been called to do” and “says things that are untrue all the time”:

This is the sort of behavior that you might call delusional. And again, I’m not saying that as a psychiatrist, just as an observant human being.

Over the weekend, Trump described himself as “like, really smart” and argued that analysts also said former president Ronald Reagan was mentally unwell. Ron Jr. protested, “There’s really no comparison to my father”:

Listen, presidents have maladies at time….President Trump came to office unfit. He did not develop a malady at some point that rendered him unfit. He is characterologically, if not pathologically unfit, and that is apparent for all to see. We’re not used to talking about presidents this way. It makes us all a little bit uncomfortable. But we have to get used to, I think, the reality of what is happening and face it forthrightly. This is not a normal man, normal president, in this White House now. And it’s a danger to the nation.


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