Trump Administration CRUMBLING After Michael Wolff Releases MORE Information About Donald — [DETAILS]

Just when you think the dirt on President Donald Trump has dried up, author Michael Wolff drops a major bomb – and it explains a lot. We’ve all been wondering why Trump watches Fox News, especially since it’s obvious to everyone in the United States that they do not research their topics nor fact check when throwing stories on air.

And the truth is this: Trump doesn’t really read or write. Though the president has access to the most classified information, he spends a significant amount of his day tweeting about Fox & Friends.

Author Michael Wolff, who spent weeks in the White House to research his book Fire and Fury, said Trump’s biggest struggle is to stay away from watching the television or off of his phone long enough to do his job.

Wolff told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, “Not only does he not read, and this is at a level, certainly, we have never seen before in the White House, of someone who just won’t consume written information, language — doesn’t want it.” The author added that Trump’s other issue is he “doesn’t listen” and therefore, refuses to communicate.

This revelation clears up the issue of why Trump doesn’t see reason even if it’s staring him in the face – and we don’t know if we should despair at this fact or pat ourselves on the back in validation of what we suspected all along.

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