McCain Miraculously Pulls Through Dangerous Surgery As Trump Attacks Congress

John McCain recently underwent a risky surgery brought on by an intestinal infection, his office revealed Monday.

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in the statement his office explained that the Republican senator, who has been battling brain cancer since  last year, had recently been hospitalized but remains in “stable condition,” The Washington Post reports.

McCain is currently receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona for an infection connected to diverticulitis.

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McCain was diagnosed with glioblastoma last July, an aggressive form of brain cancer that famously took the lives of Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Beau Biden, the son of former vice president Joe Biden. While going through chemotherapy, McCain made a point to still attend Congress. However since December, the senator has been out of commission from the effects of the treatment residing in his home in Arizona.

McCain’s daughter, who is currently a co-host on ABC’s “The View,” explained on the show this Tuesday that her father was forced to have an “emergency surgery for complications” caused by his brain cancer. She continued on to say that he is “doing well…he is stable,” while nothing he is still in the hospital. Meghan McCain also explained that she knew that when she became a host that there would be times when she would have to talk about her father’s condition. “I had a really rough morning,” she said, but explained that it is a “privilege” to work on the show.

Meanwhile President Trump had an agenda of his own: