Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Sets Twitter On Fire, Issues Major Warning To All Americans

Donald Trump’s days in Washington are numbered. And for the first time in his short tenure as President of the United States, he’s actually starting to realize it. And his inevitable demise and exit from the White House could come from a number of different angles. He’s guilty of far too many things for his delusion to cover them up forever. And it’s got Donald in full panic mode. One of the leading voices warning America of Trump’s upcoming mental collapse is the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti.

On Twitter, knowing more than the average American does about Trump’s salacious past, he issued the following warning to the citizens of this nation. “Warning: As the walls close and reality sets in that the most damaging witnesses, secrets and evidence are no longer protected, fully expect the following: sheer panic, personal attacks, tirades, and distraction. But none of it will change the outcome in the end.”

As soon as he posted this impassioned statement, it didn’t take long for Twitter to explode with responses. Of course, it consisted of the usual back and forth between logical people and MAGA-lovers – but the majority of the comments were in favor of Trump’s removal from office.

And the tangential comments and side-conversations sprawled out quick from here. With each day that passes, Donald Trump’s ego trembles in the face of his impending doom. What would YOU say about Donald’s obvious guilt?

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