Federal Judge Slams Hannity & Limbaugh For Trying To Throw Mueller Under The Bus [DETAILS]

The right-wing, ultra-conservative media will stop at nothing to protect their golden boy, Donald Trump. They don’t even believe in his politics anymore. They know he’s guilty. It’s just the GOP stubborn gene is far too strong in these people to ever admit they voted for the wrong guy. Admitting they were wrong would require morality and the ability to humble onself. Both of which these creatures gave up when they joined the Republican party.
This week, a federal judge stood up for Robert Mueller in an op-ed piece, wherein she explained that, despite what Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are saying, Mueller had nothing to do with any wrongful imprisonment of people involved in the Whitey Bulger case.
Specifically, Judge Nancy Gertner wrote, “I was unsparing in my criticism of the FBI and Justice Department officials who were responsible for this wrongful imprisonment. I named names where the record supported it. I resoundingly condemned the government in an unusual court session in which I read my conclusions.”
Adding, “Mr. Mueller is mentioned nowhere in my opinion; nor in the submissions of the plaintiffs’ lead trial counsel, Juliane Balliro; nor in ‘Black Mass,’ the book about Mr. Bulger and the FBI written by former reporters for The Boston Globe.”
She concluded her statement by adding, “When Mr. Hannity and others say Mr. Mueller was responsible for the continued imprisonment of those four men, they are simply wrong — unless they have information that I, Ms. Balliro, the House investigators and the ‘Black Mass’ authors did not and do not have. If they do, they should produce it. If they don’t, they should stop this campaign to discredit Mr. Mueller.”
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