Ana Navarro Just Went Off on the Trump Administration so Bad That Even Diehard Supporters Are Jumping Ship [Tweets]

Most of America is currently in a state of disgust after hearing the comments that spewed from the right yesterday.  A White House official by the name of Kelly Sadler ridiculed terminally ill Sen. McCain, and a Fox News guest called him “Songbird John” during a thoroughly sickening TV appearance.

The negative backlash on Twitter has been immense as tweets roll in from high-profile TV personalities, political figures, and the McCain family.

Sen. McCain’s wife, Cindy, sent a message directly to Sadler to remind her that she just insulted a man with a family.

Cindy wrote, “May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.”

Sadler reportedly delivered the controversial comment during a meeting when the topic of McCain’s opposition to Gina Haspel arose.  Sadler said that his opinion didn’t matter because he’s “dying anyway.”

Ana Navarro called out Sadler and the entire conservative community, writing:

“The White House communications official who mocked ‘dying’ McCain during a meeting, is @kellysadler45. Our taxes pay her damn salary.

She added, “Oh, one more thing. Kindly, don’t ever talk to me again about the cruelty of a “smoky-eye” joke.”

Even conservative firebrand Joe Walsh condemned Sadler:

Tony Posnanski reminded:

Check out more tweets below:

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