Jim Carrey In Hot Water After Devastating New Take-Down of Trump

Jim Carrey is an actor, a comic, an artist, and a political agitator. And on Wednesday, he took his art, which has been skewering the Trump administration for some time, to a whole new level. You can now add “cryptographer” to his job titles.

That’s because in his latest offering, Carrey has included a coded message to this viewers, one that packs a wallop. It’s an anagram, or as Carrey puts it in his caption, a “Scam-a-gram.”

Best of all, it portrays Donald Trump as Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker.

In the painting, Trump/Joker extends his right hand in greeting to a foreign leader, while his left hand is behind his back, with his fingers crossed. The foreign leader is not sure if he wants to shake that hand.

Above the image are the words:

Slice of apple pie, $5.00
Ticket to a baseball game, $50.00
A diplomatic agreement with Donald Trump’s America…WORTHLESS.

This is clearly a reference to the president withdrawing from the Iran nuclear treaty earlier this week.

Some of the letters in the message are highlighted in white, spelling out the non-word “SEITAAGNNRUS.” But as a number of Twitter users noted, when unscrambled, it spells out “Russian Agent.”

The reaction on Twitter was swift and overwhelmingly positive. What seems to make this painting more controversial is the addition of the “Russian agent” anagram.

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