Mitt Romney Delivers Impassioned Statement About People Mocking John McCain

Donald Trump’s horrendously offensive administration has done nothing but embolden and empower the small percentage of misguided, uneducated bigots in this country that share their same asinine “values.” They lack any and all morality, and should be publicly condemned for their insulting words and remarks. Like when a White House staffer insulted the ailing McCain this week.
While there’s been a handful of Republicans voicing their hatred for McCain during his dying days, there’s way more people coming to his aide. One of the most recent being former Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.
Of McCain’s insulters, Mitt Romney said, “John McCain makes America great. Father, grandfather, Navy pilot, POW hero bound by honor, an incomparable and irrepressible statesman. Those who mock such greatness only humiliate themselves and their silent accomplices.”
Romney eloquently used the Trump voters rally cry against them, in the most appropriate way. John McCain, and honest politicians like him, who gave their life to this country, in a plethora of different ways, deserve all the respect in the world. Anyone who speaks ill of such an amazing citizen, is only showcasing their true lack of character.
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