Ivanka Falls Flat On Her Face, And The Whole World Can’t Stop Laughing [DETAILS]

Donald Trump only likes attention paid to him when he’s the subject of praise, regardless of his abundant idiocy. Like at his rallies, for example. Whenever Donald finds himself in the comfortably warm embrace of his equally-stupid supporters, he feels like he can do no wrong. However, when he’s in the real world, where his criminal actions hold major consequences, he constantly finds new ways to distract the masses. All in hopes of luring their attention away from his multiple misdeeds.

Such was the case recently when Donald decided to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. A move that many warned him against for fear of repercussions. And, sure enough, a deadly protest took place when the Trump administration decided to make it official.

In attendance was Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. While many were busy debating the entire controversial subject altogether, a handful of Americans were enraged to see a major message released by Ivanka on the matter.

On her official Twitter, Ivanka wrote, “I am honored to join the delegation representing @POTUS, his Admin & the American people at this momentous ceremony commemorating the opening of our new US Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.”

As you could imagine, it took mere seconds before Twitter voiced their opinion.

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