Twitter Users Absolutely Destroy Ivanka Trump, Drag Her Nasty Past Into The Light

If you have the last name “Trump” chances are, you’re a moron. More than that, you’re probably a money-hungry liar with a healthy obsession for delusion. I mean, not only does Donald act that way, in every single political endeavor he’s a part of, his children share the same characteristics. Without fail, one of these braindead kids spouts off some nonsensical bullsh*t, only to infuriate the masses. It happens all the time.

Speaking of, it was more business as usual this week. As Donald’s daughter, Ivanka, thought it would be appropriate to hop on Twitter, and write this ridiculous message to the American people. Ivanka wrote, “New report by the Canada-United States Council @AdvanceBizWomen provides recommendations on increasing women’s access to capital – critical to expanding women’s participation in the economy & achieving inclusive economic growth. #WomensEconomicEmpowerment”

Oh. So, Ivanka cares about our economy, does she? And the women within it? Is that what she’s saying with this? Hmm…But her actions certainly don’t reflect that. And it doesn’t look like they ever have. And Twitter users were insanely quick to point out this hypocrisy.

This is one genuine thought we’ve contemplated since Donald was unjustly sworn in as President of the United States. If she claims to be so “Pro-Women,” she should be against the biggest womanizer/chauvinistic sex offender of all time, her dad, Donald Trump.

However, Twitter wasn’t done there…

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