Americans Applauding, After Samuel L. Jackson Flattens Trump’s Ego With Simple Statement

President Trump loves to tell Americans how deeply patriotic he is, but when it comes to demonstrating that patriotism like for instance singing the lyrics to one of America’s unofficial anthems, “God Bless America?”

Trump’s facade of bleeding red, white and blue quickly vanishes.

Trump dictated to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday that they were no longer invited to his special White House party an event the majority of the team had already made clear they weren’t attending, he lashed out against the players for “disagreeing” with their President after he attempted to force them to  stand for the National Anthem,, “in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country.” He announced instead that a public celebration of patriotism would be it’s official replacement.

However, when the event branded “Celebration of America” finally came to be, Trump was captured on video stumbling over the lyrics to “God Bless America,” clearly not knowing any of the famous lyrics.

Veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson was quick to point out the pure irony:

America’s were with him: