JUST IN: Game-Changing Development in the Mueller Probe Indicates the End Is Near

While Trump’s been ranting and raving about the Russian “witch hunt,” Mueller’s been uncovering the president’s behind the scenes and well-orchestrated attack on FBI officials.

According to a Foreign Policy exclusive, Trump’s former attorney John Dowd alerted Trump about FBI officials who could testify against him in the Mueller probe, which prompted Trump to manufacture his smear campaign against those officials.

America had already seen Trump bury Andrew McCabe, going so far as to attack his wife and fire him just before he became eligible to collect a full pension after serving in the FBI for decades.

It was no coincidence that this week Trump announced that he could pardon himself.  Americans also learned the thinking of his legal team.  To them, he is immune to all crimes, including obstruction of justice – which is the charge Mueller is reportedly pursuing in his case.

Via Foreign Policy:

“Since Dowd gave him that information, Trump — as well as his aides, surrogates, and some Republican members of Congress — has engaged in an unprecedented campaign to discredit specific senior bureau officials and the FBI as an institution.”

The report adds, “The FBI officials Trump has targeted are Andrew McCabe, the (former) deputy FBI director and who was briefly acting FBI director after Comey’s firing; Jim Rybicki, Comey’s chief of staff and senior counselor; and James Baker, formerly the FBI’s general counsel. Those same three officials were first identified as possible corroborating witnesses. Comey confirmed in congressional testimony the following day that he confided in the three men.”

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