REPORT: Mexico Just Did It, Hit Trump Supporters Right Where They Live

Every day, Trump voters become former Trump supporters.  It’s easy for Trump supporters to sit back and say that his policies are A-ok until they get devastated by one of them.  Trump voters are beginning to feel the effects of Trump’s blossoming trade war, and their businesses are taking significant hits.  The most crushing aspect is that a lot of unrelated industries are getting pulverized by Trump’s new steel and aluminum tariffs.

After opening up his trade war by targeting China, Trump more recently moved on to focus on America’s greatest allies.  Leaders of EU nations have already expressed their displeasure including Trump’s buddy, French President Macron.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau feels insulted by the White House reasoning that Canada could be a national security risk.  Of course, Trump lumped in Mexico since he’s never once showed America’s neighbor to the south an ounce of respect.

Now, Mexico is hitting back, and Trump voters are getting hit the hardest by their reciprocal tariffs.

According to Reuters, Mexico will impose 15-25% tariffs on U.S goods including potatoes, steel, whiskey, pork, cheese, apples, and cranberries.

Check out the tweet below:

Instead of Mexico paying for Trump’s border wall, Mexico decided to make Trump supporters pay for voting Trump.

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