Nasty Cat Fight Between April Ryan and Sarah Huckabee Leaves Reporters in the Room Speechless [Watch Here]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has yet to recover from the utter humiliation she faced at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  Ever since then, her smoky eye look appears to have reached the backburner.

This week has been a particularly rough week for Huckabee as she’s faced reporters who have proof that she lied.  News surfaced that the president indeed dictated the initial response to the exposure of Don Jr.’s controversial meeting with a Russian lawyer during his father’s campaign.

Huckabee Sanders had told reporters that the president certainly didn’t dictate the statement.

Her latest round with American Urban Radio correspondent April Ryan turned fiery when Ryan refused to back down.  Ryan asked Huckabee to comment on the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem issue:

“Is the President aware that this is about police-involved shootings and not about disrespecting the flag?”

Instead of answering the question directly, Huckabee deflected – which is typical for her – and even told Ryan to “stop talking.”  She scolded Ryan, stating, “I let you rudely interrupt me and your colleague.”

Huckabee went on to offer the following explanation:

“The President has made his position crystal clear on this topic,” adding, “He feels strongly that standing for our National Anthem is something that we should do, something that matters to what makes our country special and unique, and what sets us apart. He’s not going to waver on that, he’s not going to apologize for it.”

Ryan pressed, “Will the President deal with the issue of police-involved shootings?”

Huckabee replied, “I’m going to deal with the issue of addressing your colleague’s question.”

Watch the clip below:

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