Americans Applauding After Stephen Colbert Completely Destroys Kellyanne Conway On Live TV — [WATCH]

Americans tend to look to late night hosts to help calm our constant Trump-induced anxieties. The way these funny men and women tackle topical issues and current events help the average citizen reattain the sanity they lost from the day full of terrifying political headlines. However, once we turn on these hilarious hosts, we can’t help but chuckle along at their shared disdain for the current way things are.

One of the most beloved members of late night has got to be Stephen Colbert. For years, he’s delighted audiences with his hysterical take on the news. And this week, after the detested Kellyanne Conway fully embarrassed herself during an interview by referring to Trump as the “Commander of Cheese” – Stephen couldn’t help but tweet out a response.

In which, he wrote, “Calling Trump “Commander of Cheese” is the first factually accurate thing Kellyanne Conway’s ever said.”

It didn’t take long for Americans to join in on the fun with funny cheese-related quips of their own. But this tweet wasn’t all Colbert had in store for Conway. Later, on his show, he completely destroyed Kellyanne with some epically hilarious jokes.

Check out Colbert completely destroy Kellyanne below:

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