Barack Obama Stuns The Nation With Shocking Statement About George Clooney

We had NO clue how good, nay GREAT, we had it with Barack Obama as our President. With Barack and Michelle in the White House, our country was in good hands, nay GREAT hands! With the utmost regularity, the Obamas represented the United States in the best way possible. And all that has become glaringly obvious since Trump’s been “elected” and done the exact opposite.

But that doesn’t mean the Obamas are gone forever. Every now and then, the American people are treated to a public appearance or statement. And this week, it was no different. As beloved actor and activist, George Clooney, was receiving the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award, the former President appeared in a tribute video to Clooney.

In the video, Barack Obama says, “[Clooney] does the whole grey hair thing better than me. He is a good man, a good friend, a good citizen and an outstanding maker of film.” Wow. That, coming from Barack Obama, is damn near priceless.

As you could imagine, Clooney was beyond touched by the whole ordeal. When making his closing statements, George said, “Tonight is very special, I will treasure it. Good night and good luck.”

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