Trump’s Outrageous Statement About North Korea Shocks The Nation

Congress needs to stop being complacent with Donald Trump’s continued ineptitude. His lack of experience and intelligence, in concert with his willingness to let his ego and delusion power his every decision, make him the most ideal candidate for impeachment.

Yet, for some strange reason, our elected officials in Congress remain stagnant on the matter. However, they may need to act quickly, because a looming international nuclear conflict lingers in the horizon, and it’s up to them to help us regain control of our once-great nation – before it’s too late.

Until that day, we have to endure Donald Trump’s anxiety-inducing tenure as President of the United States. This week, when discussing the potential denuclearization of North Korea, an issue that’s had it’s own rollercoaster of emotions, Trump said, “I really feel confident. I really feel that Kim Jong Un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity.”

Adding, “he’ll never have that opportunity again.” Trump proceeded onward with his statement, arrogantly claiming that he’ll be able to tell, almost instantly, if Kim Jong Un is serious about reaching an agreement.

Specifically on the matter, Trump said, “I think within the first minute, I’ll know.” When pressed to elaborate, Donald said, “My touch. My feel. That’s what I do. You know, the way they say that you know if you’re going to like somebody in the first five seconds, you ever hear that one? I think I’ll know very quickly whether something good is going to happen.”

Unbelievable. What do YOU make of Trump’s outrageous comments?!

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