REPORT: Senior US Senator Just Said What No One Else Dared To, Biggest Mistake Since Becoming President

This entire Donald Trump presidency has been a series of frustrating blunders, racism and stupidity. Oh, not to mention petty and immature. Can’t forget those two defining characteristics. This week, while Donald needed to be on his most Presidential behavior, he once again mishandled a series of things at the all-too important G-7 summit. And we weren’t the only ones who took notice.

Prominent lawmaker Dianne Feinstein publicly pointed out the largest of Trump’s flaws this week. And, needless to say, we’re confident Donald isn’t going to take kindly to her brilliant breakdown.

After Trump pathetically refused to sign a joint document by the other members of the summit, Feinstein said, “It seems to me, not to sign a statement of solidarity, which stands for everything we stand for, is a big mistake. I understand the president was upset. The president could have said that. But to walk away from our allies in this way, I think, is a mistake.”

Adding, “We don’t want to stand alone in the world. We need to stand with our democratic allies. Now, will there be differences of opinion, will we not like a statement that one or the other makes? Of course. But that doesn’t mean you reject what the G-7 stands for and just move out and ignore it.”

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