Canadian Bishop Just Did It, Dared To Say What We’ve All Been Thinking About Trump’s Immoral Behavior

The moral obstruction created by the Trump administration’s now reversed policy of separating innocent children from their refuge-seeking parents have divided Evangelical Christians across the world.

While easily deluded evangelicals tend to make up a large proportion of Trump’s base, because of his glaring support for their anti-abortion agenda, it appears some of those Christians are beginning to question the hypocrisy of hammering home their messages of “family values” while simultaneously supporting a man who is literally tearing families apart.

Especially this man:

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That’s Bishop Talbert Swan‏, head of the Pentecostal Nova Scotia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ in Canada, who recently called out the hypocrisy of Trump’s so-called Christians who preach a gospel void of the love and empathy that is the essence what Jesus taught.

Swan laid it down in the simplest of terms with a powerful tweet:

” Frankly, if heaven is going to be full of American evangelicals, I’ll take my chances on hell.”

Yikes, and for a man who definitely believes there is actually a hell, that’s saying a lot.

But Bishop Talbert didn’t end there. He reinforced his reaction to the heinous messages being spouted out by his American counterparts with a reference to the stark differences between Christ’s teachings and behavior and what the average white Protestant Republican has been spreading.

Canada and America have found their relationship strained recently, mostly due to the fact that Canadian Prime Minister is empathetic and wants the best for the people of the world, not just Canada, and Trump wants his rich friends in America to reap the benefits of his presidency.

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