“I’ve been advised by doctors to stop, but I don’t listen,” said Valdir Segato. “My goal is to look like The Incredible Hulk and I’m almost there. Nothing will stop me.”

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about wanting to tweak your appearance a bit, but for most people, there are boundaries. While plastic surgery is gaining acceptance in the mainstream, some are pushing the boundaries of safety in order to customize their look.

There’s perhaps no better example of this than Valdir Segato, a South American body builder with a risky goal in mind.

Just a Regular Kid From Humble Beginnings…

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Now famous for his abnormally-bulging muscles, Valdir Segato wasn’t always spending large portions of his time and money on artificially enhancing his looks.

The Brazilian bodybuilder first became accustomed to regular physical labor through his day job: construction work. This is what first stirred his interest in building muscle and gaining strength.

“A lot of the guys on the sites are pretty big,” said Segato. “It inspired me to want to achieve that ripped, muscular look.”