If you think you know your history, get ready to be humbled. The rare photographs below show a different perspective of historical events, and you probably wouldn’t find them in any school textbook.


Che Guevera & Fidel Castro


Two very controversial political figures from Cuba, hang out together whilst fishing in the 60’s.


Police Woman Chasing Skinny Dippers


Some brave fellas there, going skinny dipping in the middle of the day in a crowded park.


Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address


This was the first picture of a presidential inauguration.  It is the only picture from the day.  And eerily, John Wilkes Booth can be seen in the center of the top row, of the top platform.


John Lennon’s Glasses


Beatle’s front man, John Lennon, was wearing these glasses when he was assassinated.  As you can see they are still blood-stained.


Anne Frank’s Father (1960)


Otto Frank returning to the attic where they hid from the Nazi’s.  He was the only survivor.


Billy The Kid


The only photo in existence of the famous outlaw.


Largest Piece of Artillery Ever Used In Combat


Hitler and Speer are mesmerized by the Schwerer Gustav.


Wall Street Stripper


Like a scene straight out of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ a stripper in the 70’s entertains some high level financial men and women.


Abandoned Highway (1973)


During the 1970’s Oil Crisis, highway’s were so abandoned that these people decided to have a picnic there.


Jet Failure


Pilot narrowly escapes death after ejecting sideways, from a prototype jet that nose-dived.


Nazi Rally


Gigantic rally in Nuremberg in 1937.


‘The Last Jew In Vinnitsa”


A member of a Nazi SS Death Squad is about to shoot a man kneeling before a mass grave in Vinnitsa, Ukraine (1941).  All 28,000 Jews from Vinnitsa and it’s surrounding areas were massacred.


Windmill Fire


Two engineers trapped on top of a windmill when it caught fire while they were working on it.  This is the last picture taken of them.




This was taken moments after Jewish refugees realized they weren’t being sent to their deaths at the horrible concentration camps and were in fact being saved.