One of the major factors in treating cancer is catching the disease early enough to attack it and stop it from spreading. Well, scientists from England have found a way to catch some types of cancer before they even start.

Experts are hailing this as a major breakthrough in humanity’s continued fight against the dreaded disease.

Here’s more from The Independent website:

A new blood test that allows doctors to detect 10 types of cancer years before a person becomes sick with the disease has been developed by scientists.

The breakthrough is being hailed as a tool to dramatically reshape the way that care for cancer and other inherited diseases is delivered.

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The lead author of the study into the test says it marks a step towards the “holy grail” of a cure for cancer.

Some 1,600 patients have already been tested with the procedure, producing a 90 per cent accuracy rate in some cases.

Of those tested, 749 were cancer-free, and 878 were newly diagnosed.

The tests found warning signs for the disease at different rates, depending on the type of cancer.

It was best at diagnosing pancreatic, ovarian, liver and gallbladder cancers, accurately pinpointing the diseases in at least four out of five patients.

The test was slightly less accurate at finding lymphoma and myeloma, at 77 per cent and 73 per cent respectively, and bowel cancer in two out of three patients.


Lung cancer was correctly detected in 59 per cent of patients, while head and neck cancer was detected in 56 per cent of patients.

If early detection is indeed key, then this test and others like it could revolutionize the way we fight cancer in all its forms.