When Denise Wilbur decided to take a relaxing hike through the woods behind her house, she didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. The mother of three had recently seen her youngest child off to college and would be retiring at the end of the month.

“I really was just so happy and peaceful that day,” said Denise. “The sun was shinning and it was a cool and crisp Spring day. That’s my favorite time to go exploring in the woods.”

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But when Denise came across a tiny kitten mewling from inside a log, she was puzzled.

“It’s head seemed a little large for a regular cat, and there were other things as well,” she said.

The school teacher looked around for the cat’s mother or siblings, and finding neither, decided to take her home. Arriving back the house, Denise’s husband was quick to point out exactly what she had found.

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“I’m actually from Maine and that’s our official state cat,” Robert Wilbur said. “I recognized the breed immediately.”

It can be difficult to discern cat breeds when they are only kittens, however, Robert was right. Denise has found a Maine Coon kitten.

For those not in the know, the coon cat is known as a gentle giant among cat
breeds.  It’s much larger than a normal house cat but incredibly docile nonetheless.

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A lot of people own Main Coon cats because of this great reputation! But in case you don’t know much about these awesome cats, here’s 11 interesting facts about them.

And just maybe, it’ll be enough to convince you to find one for your own home!