“I was told that he was a Japanese Spitz puppy,” said Mrs. Wang. “But I knew that something was strange about the animal. He never ate dog food. Not once. And he never barked either.”

When a grandmother in China visited her neighborhood pet shop looking for a companion, she was originally considering a cat. She thought a feline would be trouble-free and “more independent than a dog.”

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But when she saw a tiny white puppy, she knew she had found her new best friend.

Mrs. Wang had lost her husband the year before and currently lives with her daughter, Liu Yang Mu, and her son-in-law, Zhang Wei Mu.

“But I’m often lonely. My daughter and her husband travel for their work,” Mrs. Wang said. “They’re both doctors and our family is very proud, but I miss having someone around to cook and care for. My granddaughter usually travels with them and completes her school work online.”

When the 84-year-old grandmother saw Chin Chin in his cage at the pet shop, she was curious about the puppy.

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“You could see through his white fur to his pink skin,” she said. “He watched me from through the wire. I think he wanted to come home with me.”

Before Chin Chin and his new momma left to return to her suburban apartment in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, the shop owner had a strange admonition for the pair.

“Don’t leave him with other dogs, the Japanese Spitz does not do well with other dogs. They’re territorial,” he said.

Mrs. Wang thought the comment was strange, but ultimately paid it no mind and returned home with her furry new friend.

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But that’s when things went from curious to downright strange…