“We couldn’t believe what we found inside the home,” San Antonio police officer Chet Daniels said. “In all my years on the force, I’ve never seen anything like this. There were cats and dogs everywhere, just covered in fecal matter. It was sad.”

When police officer C. Daniels served a warrant on a luxurious home around 8 a.m. on Sunday, he expected it to be a routine call. After receiving noise and smell complaints from neighbors, officer Daniels and his partner Jason Stewart paid a visit to the well-to-do 100 block of Sioux Circle.

When they knocked on the door, there wasn’t an answer… But they knew someone was home, because they saw the curtains move and a person peek out from behind the blinds.

After several minutes of insistent knocking, an attractive older lady in hospital scrubs came to the door.

“She was really tentative at first,” officer Daniels remembered. “She would barely open the door and seemed embarrassed.”

Once the officers explained that they were there to serve a warrant and had legal access to the interior of the home, the woman stepped aside and allowed the officers to enter.

What they found in Dr. Amanda Nichols’ home, shocked the young officers, made the local news, and even had San Antonio residents picketing the doctor’s office…